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My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.

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To the innovative physician who values simplicity and efficiency in daily operations, Grey Ledge Medical Management transforms practices with time-saving systems that combine the power of medical technology, insightful reporting, and caring leadership.

Grey Ledge Medical Management is a medical billing company that provides customized services that support medical practices throughout Rhode Island (RI), Massachusetts (MA), Connecticut (CT) and beyond, servicing clients throughout the United States. Our goal is to advise, educate, manage and provide unparalleled support to a wide variety of healthcare practices and facilities.

Grey Ledge’s time-saving systems transforms medical practices and maximizes efficiency, allowing practitioners to devote more attention to patient care.

Our medical billing service uses a wide variety of software products, such as Intergy by Greenway, Athena, CareTracker, Epic, eClinical Works, Eyefinity, Prime Suite by Greenway and Veradigm (formerly Allscripts), just to name a few.

We consider ourselves a trusted partner of each client's business and we care about every client's success. We are fortunate our clients feel the same about Grey Ledge Medical, formerly known as Comprehensive Practice Management Services, Inc.

By The Numbers


Increase in Revenue

The average client has seen increases in revenue by approximately 10-30% per year.



The average client will increase their payment per claim by 25% within 6 months of conversion to GLMM.


Average Decrease in Accounts Receivable

The average client, who converts from in house billing to GLMM, will recognize a reduction of 50% in outstanding claims over 60 days within 6 months of conversion.


Trusted By Providers

Our reliable support has earned Grey Ledge Medical a 99.6% approval rating.


Clinician Interaction

Over 500 clinicians across the United States have received practice assistance and guidance from Grey Ledge Medical.



Grey Ledge Medical has an average of 22 years of experience per employee.

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