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Third Party Payer Credentialing


Implementing provider participation and maintaining provider credentialing with third-party payers can be a time consuming and many times a frustrating undertaking.

Credentialing a provider with a new insurance plan requires an attention to detail completion of enrollment applications and tracking of the application process through continued insurance plan follow up.

Grey Ledge Medical is here to give you back that time by completing the provider credentialing process on your behalf.

You can also engage with Grey Ledge Medical's provider credentialing team to maintain your existing CAQH and payer credentialing.

Whether your office is in RI, MA, CT or beyond, Grey Ledge Medical's Provider Credentialing Team can be your outsourced vendor to allow your office the time to concentrate on other responsibilities.

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Grey Ledge Medical's highly experienced team is here to advise, educate, and manage the credentialing process on your behalf, allowing healthcare practices to focus on patient care.