Medical Billing Services in Rhode Island & Beyond

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The key is in not spending time, but investing in it.

Stephen R. Covey

Proper management of a medical practice’s medical billing services and a thorough understanding of the entire revenue cycle process is the foundation and financial lifeline of a physician office. If a practice's billing is not processed in an industrious manner, the impact can be disastrous. At Grey Ledge Medical, our medical billing services line of business has grown steadily over the years due to our revolutionary approach to implementing processes that minimally impact your office.

Our employees are continuously educated on the latest coding rules for payers. In turn employees spread their knowledge to our clients in order to ensure providers are maximizing their reimbursements. Grey Ledge Medical offers several types of billing arrangements spanning from the traditional outsourcing of the billing function to a practice’s ability to maintain the billing processes “in-house.” When the practice no longer has the burden of HIPAA compliance, software updating and claims transmission, Grey Ledge Medical’s medical billing services can be a valuable resource in supporting your in-house billing department.

Grey Ledge Medical performs medical billing services using a wide variety of software products, such as Intergy by Greenway, Athena, Epic, eClinical Works and Prime Suite by Greenway, just to name a few.

Until 2019, Grey Ledge Medical has offered medical billing services to provider practices throughout RI, MA and CT. Today, Grey Ledge Medical offers services to practices in these states and throughout the nation.

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Grey Ledge Medical's highly experienced management team will review your financial patterns over a give period of time and highlight areas in which additional research may be warranted.