Group Purchasing

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Traditionally, vendors who support the medical field have been reluctant to award discounted rates to small physician practices. Even medium to large sized practices may not be receiving the best rates possible unless they are participating with large, national physician buying groups. It is for this reason, that Grey Ledge Medical Management has created our Group Purchasing program. Vendors in over 30 categories provide discounted rates to our participating medical practices. For some vendors, the discount can be as high as 50% off of their list pricing making our program compatible with pricing offered by those large national physician buying groups.

Vendor categories include answering services, insurance and legal services, office supplies, payroll and annual HIPAA security assessments. This program is mainly available to medical practices that reside in RI, MA or CT.

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Grey Ledge Medical's highly experienced management team will review your financial patterns over a give period of time and highlight areas in which additional research may be warranted.